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El Paso lawyer Gary Hill indicted threatening driver with a gun  in July car crash incident

By Michael Webster: Syndicated Investigative reporter. Aug 14, 2009 2:00 PM PDT. Revised Aug 16, 2009

Gary Hill

Gary Hill


El Paso lawyer Gary Hill has been indicted by a state grand jury on a charge of aggravated assault.  Hill was arrested and jailed Wednesday.

Hill was indicted in an incident from July in which he allegedly waved a handgun following a car crash as reported by the El Paso Times today.

Police said that Hill was involved in the car crash just before noon on July 22 at his Downtown office.

Hill allegedly pulled a handgun on the other vehicle's driver and told him, "You want to fuck with me, I'll kill you."


 Carey Marcella McClintock - May 2008

Gary Hills problems may be just beginning. Carey Marcella McClintock was allegedly threatening to testify against  the prominent and well known El Paso criminal defense lawyer who has represented Mexican and American drug traffickers and that he himself was beholding to the drug cartels and their gang members.

Carey’s father has been independently investigating his daughter’s killing and now believes that Carey was taken from a Texas town near Dallas to Juarez Mexico across the border from El Paso Texas on a ruse, and was brutally murdered on August 31, 2008 in Juarez Mexico, so she could not testify.  

She was found in an abandoned house in the desert minutes outside of the city.  She had been beaten and stabbed multiple times. Carey’s father believes that his daughter was about to testify against Hill and others in a federal and on going investigation involving the Mexican drug cartel and there hired assailants the El Paso's Barrio Azteca Gang  one of the most dangerous in the nation. “I believe she was coerced into going to El Paso by the attorney and the attorney’s girl friend where she was provided transportation and was put up in a hotel in Juarez and it was all paid for by the same attorney." Her family fears that what really happened to Carey has happened to others and that her murder and others like hers will never see the light of day and will never be solved by the corrupt Mexican authorities.

Carey's father Mr. Stan McClintock says he feels that his only hope is by American law enforcement investigating the matter. He says the American authorities refuse to investigate because they claim the crime (the killing) was in Mexico, but he says the cops are ignoring the crimes committed on this side of the border. According to Mr. McClintock the El Paso Police Dept. has been informed as to the details leading up to Carey's death. He says he told the El Paso police officers that he believes that attorney hill illegally transported and harbored a known fugitive, yet no investigation is underway. The father also thinks the same attorney had something to do with his daughter’s murder.

Hills reputation was first tarnished and suffered a black eye in 1993 when he was charged with racketeering. Also indicted were El Paso  judges Scott Segall and Enrique H. Pena.

In April 1993, a grand jury returned an eight-count superseding indictment, charging Hill and two other defendants with conspiracy to commit racketeering, 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1962(d), racketeering, 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1962(c), aiding and abetting extortion under color of official right, 18 U.S.C. Secs. 1951 and 2, and aiding and abetting mail fraud. 18 U.S.C. Secs. 1341 and 2.

All three men were acquitted after a month-long jury trial in 1995.

Hill, 64,is not returning phone calls and is  referring all questions about the matters to his attorney Richard Esper, who rebutted the claims made by Jorge Pedroza, the driver of the other vehicle in the accident.

Esper said that Hill was frustrated by the accident and argued with Pedroza but that he never threatened anyone and did not have a gun during the incident.

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